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This is the Tenth year that we are running our MCSA (Market Community Supported Agriculture)

Registration is open now!

This MCSA has been a huge help each Spring, giving us the extra funds that allows us to grow and produce as much as possible, so that we have plenty of produce to start the markets!

Help Grow our Farm!
Secure/Ensure your local
food supply.
We’ve tweaked the typical CSA
model to serve you, our customers, in (3) ways:

1. Purchase What You Want

You choose what your family needs for that week.

2. When You Want

If you’re out of town, take a week or two off. We’ll have great produce & products for you the next time you’re back.
If you haven’t used your whole amount by the end of the Market season, you won’t lose it. It carries over to the next year. Or you can shop with us through the Winter. We setup each week at Nourish Me in Ketchum, and make weekly deliveries to Boise.

3. At The Markets

We sell at Farmer’s Markets in the Treasure Valley and Wood River Valley¬† each week during the Summer. We also sell once a week year round at Nourish Me in Ketchum and seasonally at our Produce Stand in Emmett!
We’ll have your account on file and you can shop with us wherever we are. You can also call or email a pre-order to us (24 hours minimum notice) and we will have it ready and waiting for you at the start of the market, for quick pickup.

A bit about our Farm

Starting in 1995 our small family farm has grown into a healthy highly productive piece of land. We raised Pumpkins the first year, and learned a lot. Then we started planting Berries, and Fruit Trees. We started selling at Farmer’s Markets, first in Emmett, then in McCall. Pretty soon, we found out about the Markets in the Wood River and in Boise and we started selling there. The more we grew, the more we saw potential for growth, and the demand for real, fresh, high quality food!

In 2011 we started thinking long term, and came up with this idea for the MCSA, through your support, and with the help of some good friends, we made many improvements and investments that would keep our farm going for the next 15-20 years. These included larger walk-in coolers, updated and additional irrigation systems, a barn remodel and commercial kitchen; to keep your produce fresh and give you a larger selection of fruits and vegetables, as well as value added products, earlier and later in the season.

In 2013, we invested in a refrigerated van, that more than doubled our hauling capacity. (We had gotten to the point where we were driving two suburbans over to Tuesday’s market in Ketchum, on a regular basis, in order to meet demand.)

In 2015 we lost a lot of Peach, Cherry and Plum trees, due to a severely cold Winter. We’ve planted approximately 200 fruit trees, over the last several years, of all different varieties; some that bear early, and some late; to extend the fresh fruit season.
As the business has grown, it costs a bit more each Spring, to accomplish all we’re trying to do. With your help, through this MCSA, we can offset some of the money that we make later in the season, using it to help with the start-up costs, helping us to do more early, and make more available to you, earlier in the season, and all year!

Sign Up Anytime! 

During the first two and a half months of our season (Feb. 1st – April 15th) we purchase Seeds, Plants/Trees, Soil, Organic Fertilizers; pay Market Fees, Insurance, Fuel, Farm Help, etc. All this during our slowest time of year, income-wise.
We are hoping to raise close to $15,000 in MCSA Memberships.
Your account will be set up fot the amount you buy in for, plus ten percent. (So if you buy in for $250, we’ll setup your account starting at $275)
Once the Markets start you will be able to use your account to get delicious produce and products from us, when you see us.

We really appreciate all the great support these past years and are looking forward to sharing the fruits, berries, flowers and vegetables of our labor with you all, for many years to come.

You can contact us through email waterwheelgardens@gmail.com or call (208)365-8801 to let us know that you’d like to sign up.

Thank you for your continued support!

Waterwheel Gardens – Kurtis, Roxine, Matt, Jon, Noah, Ethan, Reamy, Putter, and Friends