Dinner in the Garden


‘Dinner in the Garden‘  is Saturday, June 11th. At 5:30pm, We’ll start with a Sip & Greet, some appetizers and wine, then we’ll do a walking tour around the Gardens. At 7pm, we’ll start the 4-course dinner featuring Prime Rib from Double Springs Ranch, near Mt. Borah (Owners Craig and Dori will be in attendance!), Salad & Veggies from our Gardens, prepared and served by Al McCord and his crew from Wood River Sustainability Center, paired with wines from Cinder Winery in Garden City (The owners/winemakers, Joe and Melanie will be in attendance!) and to finish off the night, we’ll have some wonderful Desserts made by Laura!

Tickets are $90. There are 40 tickets available. You can sign up with us at the Capital City Market on Saturday, or call me at 208-365-8801 to sign up

As a bonus for our MCSA members, for each ticket you buy, we’ll add a $10 credit onto your MCSA account 🙂

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