Dinner in the Garden


‘Dinner in the Garden‘  is Saturday, June 11th. At 5:30pm, We’ll start with a Sip & Greet, some appetizers and wine, then we’ll do a walking tour around the Gardens. At 7pm, we’ll start the 4-course dinner featuring Prime Rib from Double Springs Ranch, near Mt. Borah (Owners Craig and Dori will be in attendance!), Salad & Veggies from our Gardens, prepared and served by Al McCord and his crew from Wood River Sustainability Center, paired with wines from Cinder Winery in Garden City (The owners/winemakers, Joe and Melanie will be in attendance!) and to finish off the night, we’ll have some wonderful Desserts made by Laura!

Tickets are $90. There are 40 tickets available. You can sign up with us at the Capital City Market on Saturday, or call me at 208-365-8801 to sign up

As a bonus for our MCSA members, for each ticket you buy, we’ll add a $10 credit onto your MCSA account :)


We really appreciate all your support over the years and look forward to being able to continue providing the freshest and best tasting produce for you, your family and friends.

Please help spread the word about Waterwheel Gardens, Local Farmer’s Markets and the importance of local foods and products. Buy Fresh! Buy Local!

Please check out our 2016 Markets Page (top right corner) to find out we are each week!

If you need to contact us, you can email matt@waterwheelgardens.com or call us at 208-365-1156

Jams and Jellies!

We are happy to present to you, our full line of Delicious Jams and Jellies, made from the highest quality Fruits and Berries from this last summer, with Organic Cane Sugar and Pectin. Most Jams also contain Apple Juice, Citrus Juice and Zest (Lemon, Lime and/or Orange) Cinnamon, Allspice, Cloves, Nutmeg and/or Vanilla.

All our Jams are made using low-sugar recipes so that the flavor of the fruit really comes out.

Approx. 66% Fruit to 33% Sugar.

We can ship smaller quantities of Jams, 2-3 jars but the shipping and packaging for those is $2 per jar.
Larger quantities of 12  is $15 total S&H
16 jars is $18 S&H

We can usually ship within a week from receiving the payment for your order; we can run a card over the phone or you can mail us a check. If we need to make a new batch or batches of jam to fill your order, it may take 1-3 days to do that.

Here are our Jams and Jellies that we have available, in 8oz. Jars, for $6. (most of the jams are made with Lemon Zest and Juice)

Blackberry Jam
Strawberry Jam
Peach Jam
(cooked with a cinnamon stick and a vanilla bean)
Plumcot Jam
Apricot Jam
Red Raspberry Jam
Nectarine Jam
White Nectarine Jam
Strawberry Rhubarb Jam (
made with Orange Juice and Zest)
Cherry Lime Raspberry Jam
(cooked with a vanilla bean and Lime Zest and Juice)
Blueberry Jam
(cooked with a vanilla bean)
Mixed Berry Jam (made with blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries)
Blackberry Orange Jam (cooked with a cinnamon stick, and Orange zest and Orange juice)
Seedless Blackberry Jam
Nearly Seedless Raspberry Jam
Raspberry Peach Jam
Royal Ann Cherry Jam
Red Plum Jam
Spiced Apple Cider Jelly
(Made with our fresh pressed Apple Cider, and cooked with a cinnamon stick, whole cloves and allspice, and with Orange juice and zest)
Red Currant Jelly

We also make Huckleberry Jam, from wild Idaho Huckleberries, those are in 4oz. jars instead of 8oz, for $6. Shipping is half price on 4oz. jars

Thanks for your interest. Please let me know if you have any questions, or what you would like to order.
If you’re looking for any other types of jams, or jellies, feel free to ask, we’re always up for new varieties :)

Matt Williams
Waterwheel Gardens



Help Grow our Farm!
Secure/Ensure your local
food supply.
We’ve tweaked the typical CSA
model to serve you, our customers,
in (3) ways:
1. Purchase What You Want
You choose what your family needs
for that week.
2. When You Want
If you’re out of town, take a week or
two off. We’ll have great produce &
products for you the next time
you’re back.
3. At The Markets
We sell at the Ketchum, Hailey,
Boise, & McCall Markets each
week. As well as a few others.
We’ll have your account on file at
the market each time you shop. You
can also call or email a pre-order to
us (no later than the the day before
the market) and we will have it
ready and waiting for you at the
start of the market, for quick pickup.

Starting in 1995 our small family
farm has grown into a healthy highly
productive piece of land. In 2011 we
started making many improvements
and investments that would keep our
farm going for the next 15-20 years
and beyond. These included larger
walk-in coolers, updated and
additional irrigation systems, a barn
remodel and commercial kitchen; to
keep your produce fresh and give
you a larger selection of fruits and
vegetables, as well as value added
products, extending the season.

With our growing business we’ve
realized a need for a larger capital
start-up. With your help, we can
offset some of the money that we
make later in the season, using it to
help with the start-up costs, helping
us to do more early, and make more
available to you, all year!
During the first two and a half
months of our season (Feb. 1st –
April 15th) we purchase Seeds,
Plants/Trees, Soil, Organic
Fertilizers; pay Market Fees,
Insurance, Fuel, Farm Help, etc. All
this during our slowest time of year,
income-wise. (The first true farmer’s
market of the year, the Capital City
Public Market, starts mid-April in
This year our start-up budget is
October thru February
Our goal is to sign up 20 customers at
$500 ea. and 20 customers at $250 ea.
With sign ups starting now, and going
through April 15th.
Each share will receive an equal retail
value of our delicious Fruits, Berries,
Vegetables, Cut Flowers and Value-
Added Products (Dried Fruit, Canned
Goods, etc. from our commercial
kitchen) plus a produce or product
dividend of 10% on your money
Please consider joining us by purchasing
a share of the Farm for the 2014 season.
We really appreciate all the great
support these past over the years and are
looking forward to sharing the fruits,
berries, flowers and vegetables of our
labor with you all for many years to
You can contact us through email
matt@waterwheelgardens.com or our
Farm Phone (208)365-1156 to let us
know that you’re interested in this
Thank you for all you support!
Your Farming Friends at Waterwheel
Kurtis, Roxine, Matt, Jon, Noah, Ethan,
and Friends.

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